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Quick Maths

Our quick maths are fun, independent classes for all elementary schoolers to engage with interesting math problems in a virtual environment. In Quick Maths, we strive to teach our students through the use of interesting games and interactive activities. These classes are not a course, and therefore each week will have an individual lesson plan and topic. Students who register for this class will be challenged by problems that you may not tackle in a normal lesson. We aim to provide unique and stimulating questions and facts in order to build an understanding of a topic that the class is focused on, and our instructors hope to be able to teach our students how to apply these math skills both inside and outside of the classroom. We will be offering two levels of the Quick Maths class for lower and upper elementary students. Email us at if you have any questions regarding whether your child would be a better fit for the beginner or advanced class!

Taught by: Elizabeth Knerr

Beginner (K-2nd Grade): Tuesdays, 10AM-11AM
Advanced (3rd-5th Grade): Tuesdays, 11AM-12PM

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